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Before you begin to write your final paper, please submit a 1-2-page written proposal to share your final project idea/s. Think of this as “conversation” we would have about your proposed topic. You are welcome to submit an outline.
Write a 4-5 page comprehensive final paper which demonstrates your knowledge of a specific area of theatre. The proposal you submit must have its own thesis statement that identifies the need, motive, or logic behind the work you are undertaking. You must address the significance of what you are doing. In other words, why is this particular topic worthy of study?

*Write about a theater artist (actor, director, designer, playwright, etc.) whose work interests you. Discuss his or her contributions to the world of theatre. Do not write a biography; instead, I ask that you look to see how his/her work has reverberated throughout history, examining what effect s/he has had on other artists. You are welcome to further your study of the artist you wrote about in our Directing Module.

You must identify and include in your proposal four legitimate research sources you will be using to help you write your paper. These sources will appear at the end of your paper as a Works Cited page.
You must use MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting for this assignment. This is taught in English 101, so if you have not yet taken that course, I encourage you to get a good writing handbook, checking out the library’s resources and ask for a
librarian’s help, or seek help at the English Center. There is a decent online resource for MLA style at here, but if you’ve never used MLA formatting, please get assistance.
Do not limit your research to a cursory Google search. I advise that you ask a librarian for assistance in obtaining legitimate research sources. Look for books or articles which have been published in scholarly journals. Wikipedia, Sparknotes, Gradesaver, Cliffsnotes,,, and similar rudimentary sites are NOT acceptable websites for you to utilize in this paper. Your final paper grade will be lowered by
25 points if you utilize any of the above sources.