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TITLE OR TOPIC OF DISSERTATION Implementing Inclusive Education in Developing Countries: Understanding the role of diplomacy through governments and international organizations. My research will conduct a fledge end-line and baseline literature review with results on the gaps in implementing inclusive education policies in developing countries, more specifically in Lebanon. Results will inform on best practices and recommended approaches for the government counterparts to relay in their international diplomacy. Inclusive Education Policy development vs. developing countries vs the role of diplomacy for governments and international organizations such as the United Nations Focus on one country for case study: Lebanon The broad structure of the dissertation:
• Introduction: where you introduce the problem, clearly state what your argument, conclusions, and dissertation structure are, and introduce a short background to the topic.
• Methodology: will be secondary sources, qualitative sources (policies and research)
• Case study on ONE country: Lebanon • Literature Review
• Discussion
• Conclusion
An outline needs to be ready in one week for review before the writer starts writing on the full dissertation. There needs to be a focus on one country only, Lebanon. All needed resources for this country will be provided. We need to ensure that we state we are addressing a gap that if inclusive education policies are not put in place then positive diplomacy cannot be achieved.