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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing case study and need a sample publish to help me learn.
The first step in becoming an ethically fit decision-maker is to recognize right versus wrong
ethical issues when they present themselves. Once the situation is identified, a decision needs to
be made. How that decision is made can have significant implications for one’s professional
development. Joseph Badaracco in his HBR article, Personal Values and Professional
Responsibilities, cites Albert Hirschman’s three-option response model open to anyone who is
confronted with a right versus wrong situation: exit, loyalty or voice. Each option has its benefits
and challenges depending on the specific circumstances and how each is compared to the
alternative choices available. This assignment is intended to be a critical analysis of what to do in
an ethically sensitive situation where personal values are challenged in a professional working
Essay Prompt
This essay should describe a real (or imagined) right versus wrong dilemma you have
encountered or can expect to encounter in your professional career. The specific example
should identify the stakeholders and the various dimensions involved, i.e., prudential (self-
interest), legal and ethical. Once the dilemma is described, apply each of Hirschman’s
options to resolve the situation: exit, loyalty or voice. Describe how you might apply each
option and analyze the possible advantages and disadvantages of each one as it might
impact your personal development as an aspiring professional. If this dilemma is one you
experienced, what was your response? How do you feel about your response now? Would
you change your response if you could?