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US attitudes towards the Cold War

After viewing the Berlin Airlift clip, answer the following question.
Q1:What does the film clip reveal about:
– US attitudes towards the Soviet Union
– US attitudes towards the Cold War
Sports and the Cold War

View at least the first 7 minutes of this clip. I also encourage you to watch through minute 12. The segments starting at the following time stamps are also worth your while, as this parade gets more over-the-top as it goes: 17:00, 18:42, 23:25; 30:30; 32:55, 35:45, 37:00.
Consider the Soviet Parade of Athletes from 1945. Stalin, Lenin, and other Soviet leaders were pictured on banners above the parade. Both Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, and Eisenhower, the top US General at the time, were present to view this parade.
Q1: How was the Soviet Union presenting itself through its athletes?
How did the Soviet Union view athletics and athletes, judging from this clip?
The reading for class today concerned Soviet ideas about women in sports. Did you see those ideas reflected in this parade, and if so, in what way?
Q2: CHECK Sports and the Cold War.pptx
Consider the two images in the PowerPoint slides.
What messages are being projected in these posters from the Soviet government to ordinary Soviet citizens?
Q3: READ Life- Reflections of a Soviet Olympian.pdf
THEN Consider the Life Magazine interview with Soviet athlete Igor Ter-Ovanesyan.
How did he view international sports competitions like the Olympics, in which athletes from the US and the USSR competed against one another?
Did Cold War politics influence his view, and why or why not?
How had sporting events changed over time, judging from this interview? (Keep in mind that this article was published in 1988.)